testimonial 1: FABULOUS!! COOL (pictures drawn by child of smiling ice cream cones) testimonial 5: Amazing! Enough Said! testimonial 2: The best place to get ice cream - so many good
		flavors other places don't have. New ones rotated into the mix. Mary Youtztestimonial 3: Always wonderful food, and great people on duty - God Bless - Mary Anne testimonial 4: Great spot and everyone is so helpful... ice cream Sunday is so good. We sill be back. It is the best in town. Edward and Jenell Lynch USMC retired

We truly appreciate the loyalty of our customers, and the positive comments customers write in our guest book really make our day! We'd like to share some of them with you.

"We drive 20 minutes weekly for the amazing shakes and smoothies! They're so AMAZING!"
        Mai and Shane

"We love your ice cream - when we visit columbus we must stop in.'
        from Cincinnati

"I always come back to Knight's when I visit home and family from SF!! The best in town!"

"Kind, friendly service. Great ice cream."
        Faith & Scott

"Delicious flavors - My favorite is always Chocolate. The people working here are very nice!!!"
        Susan J. - Los Angeles, CA

"Knight's Ice Cream is God's gift to Ohio."
        Ronnie & Cita

"Hi Connie! Your business is wonderful. I love the great changes that you made. You and your staff are an inspiration! I enjoy coming into your ice cream shop! You always have a beautiful smile on your face and welcome each customer with great generosity. I always enjoy your ice cream that you help me to create!! You're a very good asset to this community. With warmest regards and best wishes! Your special customer,
        Love, Phyllis
P.S. Your ice cream parlor is the best in Columbus, Ohio"

"You guys made my 4 year old FINALLY like ice cream. Orange Sherbert is her favorite. Thanks,"
        Chastity & Kimora

"It's the best here. If you haven't tried this place you're missing out. You guys should expand!"
        Jennifer F.

"We came back to Westerville just for Knight’s Ice Cream. It’s been too long."
        Kevin & Patricia H. - Cincinnati

"Best ice cream! Very yummy!"
        Steph, Bryce, Esther - Columbus

"You are awesome and wonderful. Delicious flavors and excellent service! Knight's is always a treat!"

"We love your ice cream! Your employees are great too!"
        Sarah and Erin

"2 words: THE BEST!"

"Our relatives from Boise, Idaho loved the knightsticks we gave them!"
        Peg & Roger

"We’ve been coming here for years. Love your ice cream! Keep up the good work. DELICIOUS!!"

"Worth the trip!!"
        Barb W. - Pensacola, FL

"Knight’s Ice Cream - Best I ever tasted."

"I’ve been coming to Knight’s since I was a child (different location then). It brings back wonderful memories and tastes!"

"I used to come every Friday for your Butterscotch milkshakes when you were on Indianola. There’s no one that makes them as good as you. Glad you’re still here!"
        Val U.

"The best ice cream ever!"